Ammo cigarette lighter

How about a “post-your-ammo-lighter” topic? I’ll be the first one. In this one depressing the headstamp of smaller round opens the headstamp of the bigger round and a blue flame comes out with increadible hissing.

I’ve always assumed this was made around WW2. It uses Petrol.

I love these. Will post some photos later.

Here are some of mine. The 00 BUCK is a firecracker thingy, and the big one was acquired at SLICS 2007. Love the built in ashtray. Got some more around here, will post when found.


Nice thread,

I just bought this one, is coming in straight from Karlsruhe, Baden, Germany, the old hometown of DWM’s ammunition branch.

The lighter is made by the German company of Mylflam in the 1930s and was marketed under the name ‘1000 Zuender’.

Thought it was a nice period DWM promotional product.

Hi I have seen a ash-tray
made by OERLIKON on a action site.
It is sold !!!

This was passed down to me from my Grandfather…

The headstamp is DM 43.

He actually had some other interesting lighters that I have now, but this one seems the most relevant for this site :)

Which 50cal is the real thing? OK, you win. Headstamp “M 43”

Mauser lighter, by Consul: