Ammo clip for ID

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Help please :-)
Unknown(for me) ammo clip for ID

67,58 mm x 15,84 mm, Body only :-(



are you able to post a picture of it next to a standard M98 or even M96 Mauser clip, just for visual size comparison?


Of course. Standard Mauser M98 clip for comparison
The inner width of the place where the cartridge comes is 14.85 mm



I’ve had a good look through all my references and there’s nothing that looks like this clip, not even in the 3 A4 ring-binders full of Patent drawings I’ve collected over the years.

The “stop-lugs” on the back of the mystery clip are a very distinctive, but even there I can’t think of any rifles with that feature.

I hate to admit it … but I haven’t a clue what its for.


Why I always go to something that nobody knows what it is :-(

Thanks Peter :-)


Did the Maroszek Wz. 35 Anti-Tank rifle use clips?

That is the only cartridge I can think of which is close in dimensions.

According to, the extractor groove diameter of the case is 14.35mm


No, that’s not for Maroszek. Ammunition was not clipped.
I added one more photo with internal dimensions.


It is possible that it could be something related to/part of a box magazine?

I have no idea, I do not know such a narrow magazine for such a long ammunition. And I have over a dozen of them. :-( It could only be the bottom of the magazine. Single row. And the cartridge would be about 60 mm. Nothing is coming to my mind. Some damn riddle :-( It’s a pity that there is no spring, if it’s clip. That would explain a lot.


The notched ends remind me of the Roth Pattern clips that have a pressure plate with a leaf spring beneath it, the biggest users of that form of clip were the Czechs, for their 7,9x57 ammunition.

I can’t see any other way a spring might have been fitted, if there was one.


Maybe this way?



Possibly for a rim ctg like 7.62x54R, 8mm Austrian or 8mm Siamese.

I was working away from home, but this is what one of the Czech 7,9x57 clips looks like from both sides, the spring is hidden beneath the pressure plate.

Here’s what a Roth Pattern looks like when taken apart, the spring is slightly “S” shaped and fits between the body and the pressure plate, this is meant to equal out the force of the spring, unlike the Mauser Pattern where the spring can cause the cartridge to bind in the charger


Ammo rimmed rather not clipped in a clip of this type. I tried to stack 7.62x54R. Size fits, but the rimm bothers. rounds do not work properly.

Perhaps the clip was similar to the Czech system. Only to which ammunition and to which gun.

I recall seeing a slim magazine for a British 9mm SMAW. I wonder if it could be a base plate off one of those magazines?


Its a SMAW magazine


Photo - Net



No one ? Nothing? …it’s over…:-(


At this stage, are we even sure it’s got anything to do with firearms?

Where and when did you acquire as what?strong text


Bought on the flea market with five rounds of 7.62x54R. A home-made spring, non-original.
I have not idea :-(


Any pics of the spring and the way it was attached?

I do know that the Soviets did experiment/produce Mauser style clips for the Mosin-Nagant. However I am unable to get a good enough picture of it.