Ammo Collecting in Azerbaijan

I was doing some research and ran across this photo. Sure must be easier to collect cartridges in this kind of place!!!

Apparently the Soviets blewup the ammo storage depot in Azerbaijan before they left. I was trying to find out if there was an Ammo manufacturing plant in Azerbaijan when I found the UN report on the work to cleanup of this area and thought you’d appreciate the photo!

This is also a cartridge collector!!!

It was a war in Azerbaijan during long time in 1990s. It may be the pic of such place. It wasn’t ammo plant in Soviet Azerbaijan.

Gyrojet’s pic actually looks like a cartridge collector! That could easily be me at any given gun show. Of course, I haven’t been to any good Hizballah gun shows in Beirut lately.

Cool pics! Is that the Hezbolalala leader pictured in the back? Just curious :-) Great box of ammo.

Yes, Hassan Nasrallah.

Thanks Jon! :-) I thought it was that guy.

At first, I thought that guy was Muqtada Al-Sadr, but you are right Jon, it is Hassan Nasrallah. The two are almost clones of each other, except that Nasrallah smiles more for pictures than does Al-Sadr, who has “Satan’s eyes” and seldom smiles in a picture. What a pair to draw to.

Gyrojet!!! Help!!! I need a high defination copy of your photo. These are 9mmP in the top left cornor but I can’t enlarge the photo enough to read the headstamps!!! Do you have an email address for this guy???

More seriously, I should have put some links in my original posting. Linnet, you are of course correct that there was a lot of conflict in the area between Armenia and Azerbaijan from 1989. Pretty good link are at

Linnet, the photo, and other’s of the site are from a NAMSA briefing that you may want to look over: … posium.pdf

There are other references to this incident: … maylov.htm … =&ucat=42&
and look under “SALOGLU” NATO PfP Trust Fund Project"

and you can google Saloglu Azerbaijan ammunition for a lot more information on the incident. It looks pretty well documented.



Lew, you made me gag on my coffee! I thought you were serious for a second! Sad thing is, my first thought was to try and blow the pic up to ID the rounds.

The guy in the second photo really does look like he is checking a minor detail on the 7.62x39 Round. Could be a new headstamp or loading he doesn’t have! Wherever there are cartridges there must be people who save different ones they come across.

That must have been a test somehow. Did you look at the cartridges first or the rifles?

My eye went to the cartridges, even though my favorite “assault rifle” the “AKMS” is standing up on the right. My cartridge collecting hobby is always fighting with my shooting hobby for time and money. I guess this test shows my true inclination!


How do you tell the diffrernce between all the AK-47 derivative rifles? They are all “AKs” to me. There are probably small points to look for, I have just never been able to figure them out.

Are the LS cased, CN bulletted rounds in the middle 7.62x45 Czech? I have seen those rounds come out of Lebanon before, but never any mention or sight of the rifles there.

Azerbaijan and Armenian armed groups and locals tried to stop ammo evacuation from conflict zone. They attacked some of convoys. I guess it was better to blow arsenals up than leave them for feed conflict. Both sides would kill a lot of people with unlimited amouns of ammo. It would be additional losses. More then 32 persons.
It was a sad example in Chechnya where locals could catch all arsenals.