Ammo Collecting in Calif


So is ammunition collecting in Calif going to be a thing of the past?
The proposed licenses, permits and fee’s are ridiculous

If DOJ’s proposed regulations take effect, those who are not California licensed firearm dealers (or subject to limited exceptions) will be required to pay an annual $198 fee for the privilege of selling ammunition in the state of California. And according to the proposed regulations, the vendor or dealer may charge up to $5 for processing “private party transfers” when the purchaser is present “for immediate delivery.” Dealers and vendors may charge “an additional storage fee” as agreed upon should the purchaser not be immediately present. Remember: under Proposition 63, Californians who purchase ammunition must do so face-to-face and when the ammunition is purchased from outside of California the ammunition must first be sent to an ammunition vendor or California licensed firearm dealer before it can be delivered to the purchaser.

Trying to decide if I should continue to add to my dad’s collection or just liquidate it.

Greg Martin


Don’t ask, don’t tell.


It’s a felony if caught


It’s a free country. There are no laws against anyone leaving the state of California and moving to a free state. You will find the taxes lower, crime lower, government regulations and harassment less intrusive. And in most (there are a few exceptions) you will be free to collect ammunition or guns with few to no infringements.

MOVE! Refuse to be a downtrodden subject of crooked politicians.