Ammo collecting may be bad for your psyche

I go to a local gym and run like a hamster on an elliptical exerciser for an hour while watching a movie at a cardiotheatre. The exercise machine has a calorie counter which glows in the dark. Then I see numbers like 223, 303, 308, 410, etc. and various cartridges come to mind. I stay until 600, so thankfully don’t see 762 caliber numbers. Anyone else sees/dreams of ammo or I am the only one?

Ehm Vlad…no, you are not the only one…

I dream about numbers too, but mine are usually smaller. Such as 36-24-35.

Ray, may I remind you that IAA management still practices summary executions, and I don’t want to stand blindfolded holding your hand in front of IAA firing squad, even though they use collectable ammo.

All numbers are interesting… The best is high number at personal account :-)
and without wife’s knowledge sure!!!


Wives know all about your bank accounts. They only pretend that they do not know.

And, they can also hear everything you say. My wife can hear me from 300 miles away, especially when I am talking about her.


I was talking about a cartridge. The 36-24-35 Norma Jean. You need to get your mind out of the gutter.


LOL I have not had that problem yet . . . . but several times a week, I go by local canyons where people shoot. I always find brass laying on the ground for me to take home and reload. Usually after I find a huge cache, I lay in bed that night dreaming of picking up brass from the ground.

Sometimes the numbers fly by so fast that I do not get a chance to think about them individually ie series like 218, 219, 220, 221, 222, 223, 224, 225, or numbers that have multiple names to the same number ie 300, 303, 308, 338, 358, 375, 416, 458 etc. It makes my head hurt.