Ammo Collection Value

Hey guys,

I grew up collecting ammo I found on the ground at a local range… as I got older I started buying things at gun shows and such. Many years later I have a box full of ammo that I have no use for… Below is a list of the rounds I have. Some have identical multiples and others are variations of the same round like different style bullets.

Is this collection worth much of anything? I dont really know how extensive the ammo collection community is or if any of these are rare enough to be desirable.


0.556 belt
308 norma mag
.250 Sav
38-55 rem umg
30 carbine
22 hornet rem mag
357 H&H Mag
300 Rem Ultra Mag
300 WSM
.375 Mag Weatherby
280 Rem
.270 Mag Weatherby
.300 Mag Rem UMC
300 Sav
308 Winchester
30-30 Win Sabot
6.5mm rem mag
300 win mag
6.5mm carcano
303 brit
7.65 ARG
10 gauge
12 gauge
458 win mag
450 marlin hornady
300 win mag short
7mm weatherby short
38 ???
45 auto
7.35 carcano
300 H&H Mag
.220 Swift
38 Special
44 S&W
40 S&W
10mm Auto
30 Luger
7.62x25 Tokarav
9x18 Makorav
32 Auto
25 auto
380 old
22 LR mag
22 LR
17 HMR
17 HMR Short
30-30 Ackley Improved
1936 German AA Round
20mm 1944 AA Round
30mm Casing

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Your question is impossible to answer, you would need to provide the headstamp and bullet type for each round for us to estmate the value. I’m not familiar with all calibres you mention, but most of it is very common. However, a common calibre can still be valuable if the headstamp is rare, or maybe it’s an experimantal round. And then, condition will also affect the value.

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You can check my site for an idea. .
It has been around for going on 20 years,
Why a guide of all calibers, variations, head-stamps is a good idea. A web-site program, where all members get to put in input data and us all the data.
My opinion only of coarse, as in a free country, we’re all entitled to it.

Go ahead and make the site then. Just make it for 2018 browsers and not 1998 ones.
Here’s a start: his .308 Norma Mag is worth around $2,50 in Norway. The TulAmmo 7,62x39 is worth maybe $0,50.


Ole my dear friend ,
After 20 years of being a dealer /collector and over 4,000 repeat customers, I think I know how to update prices, and have some knowledge on the USA market.
My current old web-site has over 1.500 items on it, The new web-site, (2 &1/2 years in the making) has over 900 on it and will be replacing the old web-site in 2019.
The new web-site will work on all browsers, & cell phones., maybe not in Norway ? :)
As far as a price guide web-site, that would take a very good program and all IAA members adding data to it. not just a few as it is now. I am working on it.

A large part of my collection is similar to what you have . I would venture to guess that if this was a single lot in an auction the hammer value would be far less than individual prices. I have seen too many collections end up in bin sales just to get rid of them. I enjoy bin sales as they are a way to find cartridges at a fair price. Sadly a large number of rounds should be sold by the pound not the piece. My opinion.