Ammo Data Tables

I’ve begun to update the Ammo Data Tables on my website, with various additions. I have also made the format clearer in that those rounds still in service are highlighted.


Tony, thanks for your ammo data tables. They are of great help.

I have some doubts on a couple of recoilless rifles of US manufacture:

Recoilless rifle caliber 57 mm, T15E13 and M18.

Did it use the 57 x 303R, WW2 M18, M30 recoilless AT ammo mentioned in your tables?

Recoilless rifle caliber 75 mm, T21 and M20(T25).

I assume this used the 75 x 408R, M20, M31 recoilless AT ammo in your tables.

The mentioned guns appear in TM-9-1314, april 1949. What I have is the spanish translation, as these guns (or the bigger one at least) were sent to Spain on lend-lease in 1953. But data about the ammunition are lacking; the manual says that ammo is covered in TM-9-314.

Where can I find downloadable pictures of these 57 and 75-mm rounds?

Yes, the M18 RCL uses the 57x303R M30 ammo. I have no data to hand on the 75mm.

I don’t offhand know of a source of photos online - I suggets you google for the gun designations, as the ammo may be shown with them.


Maybe this manual covers some of your questions? … 00-204.pdf


Maybe this manual covers some of your questions? … 00-204.pdf[/quote]

Western, thank you very much for the reference.