Ammo Display

OK, so I have time on my hands this weekend… ha ha. This is a display I made almost 2 years ago at the Reno, NV. Winchester show. It was a lot of fun to finally be able to show off some boxes with the rifles. It was called “Winchster, Not Just a Rifle.” I wanted to do more than just lay a few guns out.

All the boxes on the rack are WRACO 44-40, every one different.  In the glass case is a full WRACO Stetson's Henry box and some various individual Henry rounds, including a scarce early WRACO SHOT Henry round.  You can even see the x-ray I had taken of that round.  A few scarce sights, screwdriver, whistle, & bore sights help decorate the case.  

On top you see my WRACO bat and glove. Hint: Tony still need a genuine Baseball.  On the left, one of George Madis' books, on the right, some WRACO roller skates.  

WHY the real 9'6" Gator skin?  Because I neede to show off a couple rifles also to complete the display.  The 66 rifle is a oct barrel 2nd model with a Henry barrel address and 16,xxx fairly low serial number, to go with the Henry stuff in the case.   The other is a brown 94 carbine in 44 (duh).  Why show off a brown gun?  Ta Da!  Because YES, I shot the gator with it in Baldwin, Louisiana a few years ago.  Yes, you can get special permits to hunt gators, and I did it with a Winchester.  

Lastly, are the pics of The Duke and of Ronald Reagan.  Why you ask?  FOR FUN!  Remember guys, that's why we do this!  The Duke, we all know carried a 92 carbine.  Ronnie, according to the caption on the picture, was reported to keep a loaded Winchester behind the door in the oval office in case "Gorby" got "froggy" after the "tear down this wall" speech!  OK, so that may not be 100% true.  But, I did put it in the caption!   Anyway, too much time off work drves me nuts.  I hope everyone enjoys!

Bummer, nobody likes my display…?

Its not a case of nobody liking the display. I liked it; just had nothing to add. However. its difficult to see just what is in each picture, though it is easy to recognize the 44 rimfire box - a nice one, too.

Looks very cool to me TONY! Well done!


Thanks guys, I’m feeling better already.