Ammo dump prior to D day landing

Why is it these pictures in color (early Kodachrome no doubt) seem so much more real. Can anybody identify the shells for clarification? Amazingly, this is nearly seventy years old … ar-II.html

Those photos are amazing! Thanks for sharing this link.



155mm Howitzer, HE

What’s so amazing by being nearly 70 years old? I resemble that, and then some. ;)

Notice how they are all just kids. The German soldiers look even younger. Kinda puts things in perspective, doesn’t it?


Vince, to add to Ray’s post, those are MK 1 155mm Howitzer shells. They would use the M46/M47 PD fuze, essentially an updated MK III fuze. Both shell and fuze design are WWI era. The is another forum that one of the contributors had posted a picture of cargo ship with the MK 1 A1 155mm shells loaded helter skelter in the full hold in '42-'43. We were commenting that we were emptying out our magazines to make room for new stock, the M107, but I guess that we had really huge magazines left over from WWI. Thanks for showing and Cheers, Y’all. Bruce.

Very nice pictures. Here’s another site with color pictures from WWII: … d=22669914

Amazing quality.