Ammo Encyclopedia 6th Edition

Hello, I am new to collecting vintage ammunition and I am looking at purchasing this book as a reference source. Does anyone have any insight on this book? Thank you in advance for your help.

Howdy & welcome James
For whatever it’s worth I too am a NRA benefactor member & got my life MS in 1966.
I can’t speak for this addition but I do have the 1st & 4th. Mike is / was a long time employee in the ammunition industry working for major companies like Federal. It has some history and covers some of both new and old with additional bits of perhaps interesting tidbits.
Most of the actual specific case type information is related to drawings with dimensions, pressure, velocity and other bits more for the shooter than the collector / historian.
Like any book, even specific case type books it is not complete (and has mistakes as no one is perfect) but it may be of use to you as you are just starting.

You money wold also be well spent joining the IAA.
Not knowing your interests there are other clubs (Kansas, Nebraska, Western States) here in the US plus Australia, New Zealand, England and Europe (the ECRA) with English format news letters ie; informational articles. Plus I believe the Dutch, Czech & Spanish also have news letters, but in native language formats.

In NY I don’t now of a local cartridge club as-such, but there are two all-cartridge shows in PA & one in Maine that would be worth a visit. See the events listing here.

An advantage of the IAA is not only is the newsletter ( 60 pages with full color bi-monthly issues,) is the membership listing that comes with membership noting other members interests & the possibility they might live close by you!

Thanks PetedeCoux, I joined the IAA last week but am still waiting for it to process. Can’t wait to get into the resource center and poke around a bit. Thanks for the information on this book, I will pick it up just to have.

I have the Ammo Encyclopedia 6th Edition and it is full of information and well worth the money.

Jmac, thank you, I will order this book.

I was looking through my “library” for a particular book [that I still have not located] and “found” a copy of this I don’t remember aquiring…
Time to get to catagorising and making a list of my books, huh?