Ammo for New Collector

Does any one know of a new collector just starting out? I have a collector package of common rounds put together that I would send them for free.


Let me know what is in it and I might start all over again ! I don’t collect any longer but you might convince me with the right cartridges.

It contains just common WW II 30-06, 8mm Mauser, a few commercial rounds, and maybe a common .50 BMG.


I have tried over the years to stimulate interest in younger collectors through this site. It has never worked. Good luck. Of the hundreds of shells which I have given out at shows over the years I know of only 1 which hit pay dirt.

A young fellow used to come to the Williamsport Pa. show with an interest in collecting military ammo. One year he came in a wheel chair. He had been water skiing and fell. The boat hit him. He was a mess. A real mess ! Boat motors are not good for your body.

The story raised more than a little sympathy in me as I had several similar close calls water skiing myself. I know that it is hard to imagine an old fat guy like me on water skis but I was raised in an area with plenty of lakes and we were in the water nearly every day of the summer. I have even water skied in the snow. Not a good idea, it stings.

The yound man liked a particular shell which I had for sale in the couple of hundred dollar range. He had been living on disability and so that kind of purchase was beyond his budget.

I gave it to him and told him " if you walk in here next year you owe me nothing ". “Otherwise , you can pay as you can”.


That is my favorite cartridge collecting story.

He may still go to Williamsport. I don’t. I am too old to enjoy the trip and I have too much of this stuff already.

I will never forget seeing him walk into the next years show.

I do not know his name.

That is awesome! GREAT story!

Cool story, indeed. I give away wasted ammo to little kids at gun shows, I just tell them it’s a whistle (especially rifle ammo) after getting parental approval. Up to now only one father refused. As to if it leads to collecting, I don’t know, but hopefully it produces a nice memory of visiting a gun show.

I just give obvious dummies usually 50cals. When I am set up with a couple of tables of ordnance gun and ammo haters don’t stop by. Actually I have never encountered one. I suppose that this is because I only ever set up at cartridge shows and membership shows like the Ohio Gun Collectors or The Maryland Arms Collectors. It costs money and effort to go to these shows and so there is little interest to people who don’t like the stuff. I have always had all types of ammo from 8 years of age on but when I offered a starter collection on this site some years back there was contention about giving young people LIVE ammo and especially tracers. API etc.

The world has surely changed.

I am happy to be on the way out rather than on the way in.