Ammo for rent

Just found this company renting stuff to movie makers.

Besides the very poor English spelling (yes they are UK based!) their prices (per day?) are often exceeding the price of items when purchased regularly (for good)…

I guess some members here could get rich with supplying just one shooting.

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I guess PDH stands for Pretty Darn Hexpensive!

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If anyone needs to rent some 5,56 or 7,62x54R, I can offer a price of £0,93/day/piece.
Contact me for an offer, I accept Visa, Mastercard, and kidneys…



A lot of movie rentals are over priced because thats how the studios like it, they can write off the amount against tax. I know a few guys over here who rent out for filming and they have to charge silly money. Having said that, the items are often returned with a bit of damage so silly money helps ease the pain.