Ammo for the Cookie Monster

At this time of the year I could not resist of thinking of the important things in life!

Guess this is what happens when an EOD is making cookies…
Disarming these should be quite easy I think. Recommended tool is a glass of milk I was told.

And here the template I was using:


Looks like you are going to get lots of practice ‘disarming’ bomb cookies!

Perhaps you should consider teaching a course in ‘bomb cookie’ disposal. The one drawback might be the need for bigger pants and a longer belt!

Before the year will end it shall become exactly 6 operations it seems.

As all bomb disposal this comes with strict discipline and diligence.
Guess before entering into this delicate job one will have to change his bomb suit for sweat pants first.

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Presumably the energetic material contains Ginger

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One difficulty is determining where the fuze is located so that it may be consumed with the first bite!

This is what makes EOD work so dangerous; too many unknowns!

And Tim is on the right track here with Ginger!

Where can I sign up to help with this most dangerous of all EOD work.

Pete, I am not sure if I can burden you or others with such a dangerous work. I fear I will have to take the risk all by myself. Though the Cookie Monster could be the best to help as for it’s experience and skill.
Remember, if anything goes wrong with these it literally may blow off your pants.

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Well the main reason I volunteered is that I am, in fact, known to some of my grand kids as “The Cookie Monster”.

I rest my case.

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Pete, in this case I know of a very strong competitor (in my view un-beatable).


Have you safely ‘deactivated’ all the cookies? :-)

I recommend defuzing them by the icing method, though they look a bit small for cookies, aren’t they supposed to be 4000lbs?

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Brain, it was a delicate task and so far I succeeded on 5 of them. It was a very difficult operation and it cost me a lot of bravery. Thanks god milk was plenty and I wore my sweat pants over the hollidays! All went well though I have the feeling these cookies made my pants shrink!
One is left in case the Cookie Monster will come along. Can’t dare to disappoint it!

Takapu, I’d say 100lbs+ normally. But the weight was limited by the size of my oven. :-)

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Thank heavens I don’t deal with such dangerous items. I am singlehandedly trying to “disarm” this highly flammable dangerous box…

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Fire in the hole!

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