Ammo & foreign languages


We all deal with many different languages in several different alphabets, and we all need help. Right now we post general appeals, like “Hungarian translation needed on WWII box”. Would not it be nice to have an extra tab next to “Headstamp identification” saying “Language translation help” so when one clicks on it, a list of languages opens with member links under each language? The members will attach their names on a voluntary basis, like city and country of residence. Then, if I need and Italian translation and don’t feel it is important enough for the entire IAA, I’d click on “Italian”, pick, let’s say, John Moss, and send him a message asking for translation (and hopefully get one). What say you?


While it would be easier for the one with the question, it could become a burden for someone constantly asked for translations for common items. In addition, the fraternity would lose out on possible information.


I agree with Jon. The best answer would be an IAA Published glossary of arms and ammunition common terms published for many of the languages of the Western Alphabet, and perhaps Cyrillic although other alphabets pose their own problems finding a word unless you have a clue as to what it is and just want to confirm it, or are conversant with that alphabet.

I tried to get one started and we had a volunteer for it, but like many of these projects, promises weren’t lived up to and the project died before it was really born, although I supplied a starter in English/Spanish.

I think the realistic view is that we go on as we have, requesting entry by entry when we would really like a translation of something short. People on this Forum have been great about providing what they could in those instances.



Hi John,

I’ve volunteered for the English-Dutch translation list when this initiative was deployed some years ago. Actually, the number of terms I couldn’t translate without lots of effort, was higher than I expected so I moved the list to the background, only complementing it when I came up a certain term in a more passive way. By now, the number of translated terms fairly expanded so I think it will be a suitable kick-off for further languages. To what board administrator can I mail my excel file?




Email it to me. I am redesigning the IAA website. I will find a place for it.

I will add a translation help section in the research section with info on Google Translate as well as any of these documents people such as you have made.