Ammo From the Recent Israeli Seizure

OOOOOooooooo the Israelis captured another Iranian arms shipment along the lines of the Karine A incident. The ammo that has been photographed looks Chinese; unlike the ammo off the Karine A which was Iranian. Anyone else seen better ammo photos?

Good video showing wide variety of munitions.

In our paper today. Pic’s of missile’s. They appear to be 100mm in diameter, maybe 2-3m long, blue warhead and have the markings

This a partial view. All measurements are SWAG’s (Scientific Wild Ass Guess’s)

122mm for BM-21 Grad?

The 106mm recoilless rounds in Jim’s (Israelie) video are made in Spain by “Empresa Nacional SB” and not to forget that they were handling the ammunition improperly and against safety rules.

I know this is far from conclusive but at one stage you see a person carrying a 1ft x 1ft crate across their chest. It looks a lot like the crates the cans of Polytech 7.62x39 come in.

Yes, these rounds are spanish. The inscriptions on the crate say:

C.S.R. 106 M40 A1
(C.S.R. = Cañón Sin Retroceso = Recoilless Rifle)

2 Disparos CH-106-M344 A1

(2 Disparos CH = 2 Disparos Carga Hueca = 2 Rounds HEAT)

Lote 70-FNG-85

(FNG = Fábrica Nacional de Granada)

Espoleta PIBD M509

(Espoleta = fuze)

Schneider, thank you for the manufacturer correction, I changed my file already. Do you have a list of Spanish manufacturer codes?

Great video, John! GO ISRAEL! Were any of those weapons US manufactured? A lot of english marked ammo boxes and crates. Anyhow, happy they got caught. I think I have the same rocket fuze they showed (Russian Zig Zag) in its inert form :-)


I wish all of theirs were in inert form!

Me too! Israel is extremely vigilant to have caught that ship. Amazing how much Ordnance was on board.