Ammo ID on a medal

Who wants to take a crack at this round on the medal? Many New York towns gave commemorative medals to local soldiers coming back from the Great War. This one is from Middletown,NY: “Presented by the city of Middletown to her loyal fighting sons”.

Artillery shell? French 75mm?

I guess they just used something “ammo like”. Can’t see any type of cartridge or artillery round that would be it.

.40 Booby Trap (British Switch Anti-Personnel No. 8), unless my monitor is hiding a rim from me.

Hendere, there the projectile shape would not fit and why using such a weird British ammo part? And it is a WWI medal so no No.8 AP switch was existing at that time.
I still think it is just something that shall represent some “ammunition”. Likely designed by somebody not having any clue about.

I was just joking EOD. It was the only thing I could think of that would be that goofy looking!

I do believe that the seal of the State of Massachusetts is in the upper part of the medal. Also there is a Middletown, Ma.

4 inch 40 cal.

Good point about the seal, I have no idea, I live 10 miles from Middletown, NY and bought it locally. You may be right about MA.

I did see some round like that before but cannot remember, Its probably some howitzer shell.