Ammo in a rock video


Here is a video by a German heavy metal group Accept. It is filmed in a yard filled up with burning tanks and LARGE CALIBRE AMMO on the ground. Many of you like big ammo and big rock and some of you love guessing headstamps from impossible angles. This is the ultimate test.
I am thinking of seeing them this Thursday.



Be sure to take the twins. They’ll love it! =)


Looks like it was filmed at someone’s tank museum… Lots of what looks to be steel cased 105mm main gun casings from the M-60 tank…



AKMS, I could not see any 105mm for the tank gun.

Video was shot in the US I’d say.


That was great! I loved that MK9 US NAVY Depth Charge to the left of the drummer :-) I also thought the majority of the shell cases scattered around the floor where US 105MM M148A1B1 or its variations?

This video was produced in California. I wonder where it was filmed. The tanks were awesome. I know I would love to scavenge the place :-)