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Ammo Inc. has begun selling their new Streak cold tracer ammo direct from their website, and it will probably show up with online retailers soon. I received some 9mm, .40S&W, and .45acp ammo, and was pleased to see that they have invested in custom headstamps for 9mm and .45acp. The .40S&W was Starline. The actual tracer element on the bottom is along the same idea as the “Glow Ammo” brand design which later was merged with G2 Research and marketed as V.I.P. tracer ammo in 9mm. These Ammo Inc. Streak tracers however have a much more substantial glow-sticker, or whatever it is, and it is rounded and has more depth to it. I tested it with a flashlight and it seems to be glow-in-the-dark paint essentially, and one of the below photos shows the result of taking a quick photo after shining a bright flashlight on them in a dark room. The red glow lasts for about 10 seconds and can be repeated over & over when they are lit by a bright light.

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Here are two photos (grainy ones) showing the glow paint at the brightest I could get them with a bright L.E.D. flashlight, and then again 6 or 7 seconds later when they fade down.

This one shows a comparison of the glow material on an original Glow-Ammo .45acp bullet (left) and the new Ammo Inc version (right) which appears brighter.

Also, it appears that among several other stylings, Ammo Inc has adopted the HPR style of 200 rd cases which they inherited from AMI. These are what all the Black Ops ammo used to come cased as, and which Ammo Inc now uses for their “Ops” and “Streak” ammo.

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Here is a .40S&W headstamp from Ammo Inc which they did not have at first when their 9mm and .45acp came out. I recently picked up boxes of the streak ammo in all 3 calibers which have JHP bullets with the Streak tracer, so Ammo Inc now has both FMJ and JHP with this cold tracer type. Still no mention of the green tracers which their promo & package photos show, everything is red that I have seen.


This technology, is related to the VECTOR ILUMINATED TRAJECTORY ?. I have one V.I.T. in my collection, and at the time was advertised as the first day visible tracer.

Matt, thanks for sharing.

First day visible tracers???
Could it be that tracers were invented for the very purpose of being visible during the day? Night tracers being a much later application?

Hornady advertising for Vector ammunition, date June, 2000


Here are some more new headstamps from Ammo Inc. I am impressed that they are doing their own thing with .44mag and .45 Colt headstamps, and not just using Starline as most every other U.S. manufacturer does outside of the big 4.


I had written about these in a previous journal article - the “Night Ops” from Ammo Inc, is a combination of their jacketed frangible “Ops” projectile, and their cold-tracer “Streak” technology, making these a frangible-tracer self defense rd, which had only ever been done by Polycase for one year with their short-lived “Firefly” line of frangible tracers, which were real pyrotechnic tracers. These Night Ops loads are cold-tracer glow chemical, and are non-pyrotechnic. Ammo Inc has only just recently activated this ammo for purchase on their own website storefront and this stuff is yet to show up with any retailer. It should soon be everywhere though since Ammo Inc has kiosks in places like Cabelas.

The history of how this load came together is that Ammo Inc bought out HPR and inherited their “Black Ops” jacketed frangible line which they simply renamed to “Ops” and changed the packaging on. The projectile itself is just a Dynamic Research Technologies bullet with a black coating, and the tracer element is Ammo Inc’s own improvement on the Glow Ammo design of the same sort- which G2 Research had bought out from Glow Ammo and renamed the VIP line. These are not the same Glow-stickers as in the VIP line, but are a thicker looking drop of glowing glue or whatever it is, applied to the base of the projectile. They function decently enough in darkness.