Ammo Inc. purchases Jagemann brass

It was brought to my attention that Ammo Inc. (the up & coming tracer / frangible ammo outfit in Arizona who bought what was left of HPR) has purchased the casing division of JAG. This was announced just over a month ago, and comes as a bit of a surprise since Ammo Inc is not exactly flush with profitable earnings… yet, though they do still have cash. They have made themselves a name with their “Streak” cold tracers and are expanding into Cabelas / Bass Pro, and every other retail nook & cranny of late. JAG has been a profitable and successful venture since 2011, so we’ll see.

I sense that Ammo Inc, along with half of the industry will essentially NEED a democrat to win the White House in 2020 if they are going to survive. The production side of the industry is over-saturated, and a Trump victory with no subsequent panic buying to drive up prices will leave half the industry in shambles, as there are already a significant number of brands that are folding under pressure of unpaid bills. The winners, for a time, will be the consumers who will shovel up the fallout of auctioned-off lots of ammo pallets that will be bought up by all the large internet retail players like Targetsports, Midway, and SGammo. If any of the major long-running brands is at risk of this same doom, it would have to be Remington / Barnes in 2020. We’ll see.