Ammo of the battleship USS North Carolina

Gerald Bull’s life, for people like me, who never before heard his name Gerald Bull - Wikipedia
He was born in North Bay, Ontario. Very nice place Canadian Forces Museum of Aerospace Defence, North Bay, Ontario

When I was stationed at NWS Seal Beach, Ca. as the Marine Barracks Guard Chief, we had bunkers filled with all kinds of 16 inch ammo. Just up the road at NS Long Beach were the USS Missouri and the USS New Jersey. Had tours of both thanks to the MarDet on both. This was the late 1980’s.


Semper Fi!

As a retired Navy Gunnersmate, seeing the 16 inch guns was always one I wanted to serve on.
I was stuck on 5"/54 guns for my carrier.
Several of the BB’s allow you to spend a night or two on them. They will set aside berthing areas and a “galley” so you have a Navy meal as well.
Check it out on the web for more info on BB’s hosting overnighters.


The 5"/38 “guns” are installed on “mounts” in this case enclosed “twin mounts” not “turrets.” They were also used on “open mounts” with no shields around them.


Had enough time in Navy Berthing Compartments to last me a lifetime. But I was a USMC Gunnery Sgt and lived in Chief’s Quarters and eating in the Chief’s Mess. Roughing it!


My dad was Navy in WWII, and my Mom worked for Navy [Brookyn, N.Y. where they met, Wash, D.C Navy Yard, then NavSeaSysCom] most of her life…
… I knew the answers, I just could nit remember them :slight_smile:

This is me, on the right, with hair, NYC Fleet Week 1983, holding some kind of ammo. Is it a 5 inch mount behind me?


Looks like 3"/50 to me. My battle station on the USS Mobile in 1991 was in the ready magazine for the two forward 3"/50 twin mounts. Life as a Marine passenger on a Navy ship is boring so I volunteered to be on the ship’s defense crew, manning the .50 caliber M-2 machine guns for “small boat watch” and in the magazine.


3"/50 cal is what I was thinking, but, this is from the Battleship North Carolina web page:

“At the time of her commissioning on 9 April 1941, she was considered the world’s greatest sea weapon. Armed with nine 16-inch/45 caliber guns in three turrets and twenty 5-inch/38 caliber guns in ten twin mounts, NORTH CAROLINA proved a formidable weapons platform. Her wartime complement consisted of 144 commissioned officers and 2,195 enlisted men, including 86 Marines.”

This is from Battleship Photo Index BB-55 USS North Carolina
“Armament 9 x 16”/45: 20 x 5"/38AA: 16 x 1.1": 12 x 0.5": 3 AC. "
I presume .5 is Ma Duce,but what is “3 AC”?

And MA-DUCE can be a lot of fun!!

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Jack, the pictures of the mounts in question were not taken on the North Carolina.

I believe the 3AC is 3 aircraft. The ship carried Kingfisher float planes IIRC.


When I was researching and working on my display of, Gun Systems Of The WW2 Era IOWA CLASS Battleships, I found this website EXTREMELY helpful. It explains every US NAVY gun system and the type of ammunition it utilized, as well as what ships were fitted with what type of gun system.

For example, the, BB US North Carolina used the, 16"/45 Cal Mark 6 Gun, while the, IOWA Class was fitted with the, 16"/50 Cal Mark 7.



I want one :-):

What a great website, thanks for sharing.

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