Ammo origin

Hallo everyone.

First time on this forum.
I have a question about the Origin of a round i found while hiking in Norway.

The headstamp reads 30-RA-71.

I was wondering from where it came and what kind of Ammo it is.
I have 0 knowledge of ammo or rifles.
I have done a little research but could not find anything concrete. So i hope somebody here can help me get to the bottom of this find.

Thanks in advance.


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Hei Yarno.
This is a Norwegian 7,62x51 case, made at Raufoss. The markings indicate lot 30 of 1971, Raufoss.
A lot is a production run.

The casing belongs to either an NM60 full metal jacket (“ball”) round, or an NM62 tracer round. I don’t remember which type of ammo this lot was for, I might have a round somewhere from the same lot.

The NM60 and NM62 ammunition was mainly used in the AG-3 battle rifle and MG-3 machine gun. There were also some other firearms such as the MSG-90 marksman rifle, NM149 sniper rifle, and FN MAG machine gun firing the same rounds, but absolutely most likely, it was fired by an AG-3.

The Army and Home Guard used the AG-3 until very recently, some Home Guard (HV/Heimevernet) units still use it. The MG-3 and FN MAG are also still used, while the MSG-90 and NM149 were replaced by the HK417 rifle.

Hope this is helpful.


As a side note - a lot of NM60 has been sold as surplus on the civilian market and used as cheap training ammo, and hunting ammo for certain types of game. So there is the chance this was fired in a civilian hunting gun as well.


Hey tennsats,

Thanks for the info. It’s exactly what i was looking for. I found that they RA was Norwegian. And the 71 the year. I was confused by the 30 because the info that i Found told that 30 meant ex FN during German occupation.

This clears things up!

No problem, glad to be of help!
It can be confusing with several factors meaning different things, so the context is important. The whole headstamp (NATO cross plus the 30-RA-71 marking) and the place where it was founds gives some clues to what it is.