Ammo picture from "Hitler in Italien"

This is the only ammo-containing photo from a pictorial book called “Hitler in Italien,126 Bilder”, dedicated to Hitler’s visit of Mussolini’s Italy in 1938. May be of interest to larger calibre collectors. Interesting to see Rome in 1938 setting.

Actually NOT “GranatenWerfer” ( grenade or Bomb launcher), but 47/85 AT guns dismounted. ( they had wire-spoked wheels and long tube trails for hand dragging ( 47mm calibre, Barrel 85 calibres long.). For the tanks of the time it was very effective; used in North Africa, but soon supplanted by the Skoda 75/18 (WW I) mounted as a “Portee” on the backs of trucks and “Sahariana” all terrain vehicles.

Great Photo…can’t determine if the Slung rifles are M91/TS or M91/28 TS…too early for the M38 in either calibre.

Doc AV

The guns in the photo are “Cannoni da Accompagnamento e Controcarri da 47/32 Modello 35” and were used as AT guns during all the WW2.
There was not a 47/85 in Italian artillery.

47/32’s weren’t replaced by 75/18 Howitzer, that was a field (mod.35) and a mountain gun (mod.34); 75/18 was not Skoda but designed by Col. Bergese of Neaples Arsenal.

During the war the 47/32 was partially complemented in AT role by cannone da 37/45 (german 3,7 cm PAK 35/36), Cannone da 65/17 mod. 11, Cannone da 75/32 mod. 37, Cannone da 75/34 mod. 97/38 (7,5 cm PAK 97/38) and cannone da 75/43 mod. 40 (7,5 cm PAK 40).

The “portee” guns (autocannoni) were above all improvised SPG obtanied mounting field artillery guns on trucks.
The most common was the light artillery tug TL-37 with a 75/27 mod.11 gun and the heavy truck Lancia 3Ro with the 100/17 mod. 14 Skoda Howitzer, but there were other models, obtained by captured Morris and Ford light trucks and 20, 47 and 65 mm guns.

The only “regular” autocannone was the “Autocannone da 90/53” a AAA gun over Lancia 3Ro or Breda 52 heavy trucks.

Desert vehichles, such as “Camionetta Desertica mod. 42”, “Camionetta A.S. 37” and “Camionetta A.S. 43” were armed with 20 mm guns (Breda or Solothurn) or 47/32 AT guns, plus a variable number of machine guns (italian or captured). Some sources report the use of 81 mm Breda mortars, but it is not confirmed.

The rifles are 91/24 and soldiers are “Granatieri”.