Ammo prices in the 1980s


Does anyone have a 1984 or 1985 price list for a major ammo maker? I’m trying to determine what a typical 50 round box of 38 Special FMJ cartridges and a box of 100 FMJ bullets for reloading would have sold for at that time.


Guy-I have the Remington Dealers Price list for every year of the 80’s and the Retail Price Lists for 87, 88 & 89. If these will help, send me an email with what loads you need a price for and I’ll look them up.


Per an '83 Shooter’s Bible:

FMJ bullets, 160 gr. Hornady box of 100 - $10.30

No listing for a factory loded FMJ, but the Win-Western show a “metal piercing SUPER-X +P” for $18.75/50


Since Ron will be giving you the information you need, Guy, I will just make some general comments. Aside from the panic buying price increases of the last two years, caused almost completely by the shooters themselves, ammunition has been, based on the buying power of the Dollar (inflation), cheaper than it was years ago. I recall my son, while he worked briefly at our store for me, bringing me a receipt to show me. A customer had bohgt a Beretta .25 auto from me many years before, had lost the clip, and wanted to be sure he got the right one so broght the receipt in to show us what gun he had purchased. The Beretta pistol on the receipt was $39.95. On the same receipt was a box of .25 ammo for $8.95. At the time my son showed me the receipt, the gun was $219.50 in our store, but the box of ammo was $9.25, only 30 cents more in dollars, and far less in relation to the buying power of the dollar.

Even now, ammunition, in reality and for the most part, is cheaper than it was years ago in real cost.

John Moss


Did I misread the question?


For a time around the 80s and early 90s ammo prices in Britain were going backwards and getting cheaper.
I could buy ammunition for less than I was paying in the 70s.


Thanks all.

Rick - You didn’t misread the question. Thanks for the price of the box of bullets. I still needed that.

Ron’s 1987 Remington retail price list had 158 grain FMJ .38 Special at about $17 per box. Their UMC brand, available only in 158 grain lead, was about $9 per box.

When did they begin making the UMC discount brand.


Guy–The UMC Discount Brand was introduced in the Fall of 1986.


Thanks again Ron.