Ammo Production South of the United States

Has anyone compiled a list–on the forum or in the Journal–of countries south of the United States manufacturing ammunition and the manufactures located in those countries? If so, please could you post the citation or post in follow-up replies.
If not, let’s build the list!
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Well, here is CAVIM de Venezuela, the only ammo production site I saw in my life, driving from Caracas to Morrocoy.

Are you loking for data on current (recent) makers, or any place that EVER made ammo?

Just off the top of my head, I recall hearing of ammo that had been made in Brazil; Argentina, Dominican Republic; and probably Chile, as well as Mexico. Not sure on details of any of those, but there must be a fair number.

Seem to recall some activity in Havana under Spanish rule, and I would suspect that Castro makes some ammo.

No proof or data for these, just vague recollections.

John Moss has published a few pieces on South American ammo producing countries. Some have been in the IAA Journal. Contact John for a full list.

Don’t forget Texas. ;) ;)

Unfortunately, the question you ask would take a pretty fair article to answer properly. I will start here with countries that I know have produced ammunition. (We have the problem of countries for which ammunition has been produced using the receiving countries headstamp - I will include those here, but separately).

Countries that have produced ammunition, and the companies that made it, are:


Factory at San Lorenzo, under the following names and approximate dates:



My Criteria for this list is for companies that have had their own headstamps, or headstamps made in other countries with the headstamp of the receiving country in South or Centra America.

I am not including artillery arsenals, about which I know nothing, or explosives manufacturers, or commercial reloaders unless they had, from time to time, their own headstamp. Some entries will be very scant. If one specific caliber is all the represents a country, I will mention the caliber.

Those made in one country for another will have both countries named.

FAMAE is still operational. Most 7.62x51, they import most of the 5.56 despite having the ability to make it. The lines has to be converted for a caliber change.

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Thanks for the fantastic reference material! Wow! Another great “keeper” from your archives.


As usual…John doesn’t put any thought or expertise to his short answers !

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NOTE: This post is from Guy Hildebrand. I moved it from another thread.

Here’s a Mexican box of .44 S&W Russian by Productos Regiomontano of Monterrey, Mexico. The ‘Remington’ look to the box is striking. The headstamp is P-R; I suspect this ammunition was made during the time Remington was using the R-P headstamp.

Guy–Thanks for posting that box image. I have had the headstamp for years but did not know who it was. There is no question that they were trying to look like Remington production. Maybe I should add a section to the U.M.C.-Remington project about Remington look-alike boxes such as those from CBC-Brazil, CDC of Mexico, Thailand (ORTA Brand), etc. At least two of these were Remington sanctioned.

There were some more Companies from Argentina:
Aimaretti (I have some brass 24 Ga cases)
Fiocchi (It is Italian but have a factory at Pueblo Esther, Santa Fe province.)

I have to look for some boxes I have to check who made them, Copetonas and Dos Leones.


Was 24 Gauge popular in Argentina?

From my experience before 1980 16 ga was the most popular, but local makers made shotguns in most calibres, 12mm, 14mm, 28 Ga, 24 Ga, 20 Ga, 16 Ga and 12 Ga. 10 Ga were rare and I do not know about any argentine made gun or ammo.
I began shooting with a 24 Ga.


I was just wondering if it was a popular calibre anywhere, as 24 Gauge is basically unknown in the UK, and guns and ammo are almost never seen. 16 Gauge has never been popular in the UK, 12 Gauge is used far more than anything else here.

Chile sold Paraguay equipment to produce ammunition a couple of years ago. Prior to that time Paraguay bought their ammunition from various sources.

Lew - do you have any information on where the Paraguay factory is, its proper name, what it produces, and the headstamp it uses?