Ammo question on small box of .45acp: 20 Cartuchos .45acp

Howdy, I bought some ammo at an estate auction, and included was a small full plain box of .45acp ammo containing 20 rounds. Box says 20 CARTUCHOS Cal. 45 LOT F.N. 4, and on the sides says OXYLESS printed over an FN symble. Headstamped FN .45 55. Can you provide me with any info on this ammo? Thanks…

It was made in Belgium in 1955, on a contract for a South American country. I believe the “OXYLESS” is denoting non-corrosive priming.

I do not know if it the same lot, but we purchased a lot of FN .45 ammunition years ago, labeled in Spanish, that came out of one of the South American countries (not Argentina -I mention that only because they were a prime user of .45 pistol on that continent). We sold it for a short time with no trouble, but as time went on, we began to have returns due to hangfires - some of them quite long in duration.

If you intend to shoot that ammunition, be careful. It may be fine, but it may not be. Our lot was deteriorating every minute it was in our shop, and we had a lot of it - about 50,000 rounds as I recall. If you do fire it, and get what you think is a misfire, do not open the action of your pistol for at least from 10 to 15 seconds, and keep the muzzle in a safe direction.

Again, it may be fine, but a little caution hurts nothing.

This cartridges were made for Per

Fede - thanks for reminding me. I could not remember if it was Per

Thank you very much to all who replied, this is an excellent forum and I appreciate your help.