Ammo Reference Manual

I’m looking for a manual I had before I accidentally deleted 10gB of data off my computer. (Yeah Yeah, Idiot, I know) Long story short I got most of it back but am missing a few adobe PDF references. The one I’m looking for was US, WW2 era, dealt with .30-06, .50 and maybe .30 Carbine, .45ACP and 9x19, had a table of what ammo was usable in what grades of weapon e.g. Ammo for A/C guns could be used in Rifles and MG’s, MG ammo could be used in Rifles but not A/C Guns etc. The pages were a buff/yellow colour.

I know it’s not a lot to go on, but does anyone have any idea what manual I’m talking about and where I could download it?
(or if you have it and would be able to email it to me I’d be most appreciative)



Could it be TM 43-0001-27. The only problem is that it’s not WW II era, more like 1990s. (The WWII version would not have anything on the 9x19).

Here’s a copy and paste on some of the data. Look familiar? In the TM this info is in the form of a chart which doersn’t copy and paste very well.

[color=#0040FF]M61 Armor Piercing 5 rd 20 rd M13 open loop M14 rifle; M60, M73, M219,
M62 Tracer for MG M240*, and M134 machine
M63 Dummy guns.
7.62mm M82 Blank
M60 High Pressure
M64 Grenade M14 rifle only.
M118 Ball Match M14 rifle only
M160 Frangible M219 MG only.
M172 Dummy M60 MG only[/color].


Its not the -27 I’m thinking of, however that is one of the most opened ammo files on my computer. This one was definitely WW2 era (I’d say 1936-1955) Its a possible the file was called “os918ammunitiongeneral1942-dwnload” but I cannot find it online

In that case, try this one: … al1942.pdf

Vlim, Erik thank you both that’s the manual I wanted.

[quote=“Vlim”]In that case, try this one: … al1942.pdf[/quote]

Indeed a very interesting manual with great drawings!