Ammo sectioning, how to?

I would like to know how you cut cartridges, cases and bullets.
I have cut some bullets and case but I know there must be a “best way” to do it.

I suggest you to contact some forum member by PM or e mail,because sectioning cartridges is a prohibited topic…

Yeah, we post allot of photos of sectioned cartridges, but for the how-to stuff, just Google it, there must be somewhere online that discusses it.

I have taken it upon myself to explain that sectioning ammunition /cartridges is potentially dangerous and so for the best of reasons nobody is going to help you. Don’t be offended, its done with the best of motives in mind.

I beg your pardon for not knowing it was pohibited topic.
No offence at all.
Thanks for answering-


We prohibit the discussion of “How-To Section” on this forum because of any possible liability. If someone gave instructions and you did it wrong or tried to section the wrong type of cartridge and got hurt, the IAA could be held responsible. The same is true for reloading information. Sorry.

However, we WELCOME seeing the results of any sectioned cartridges. Please post them. Be sure to title your post with the name of the cartridge and the word (Sectioned) in parenthesis so it can be easily found with the search function of the Forum for later reference.