Ammo tax

Tacoma, Washington
If passed, there would be a $25 tax on all gun purchases. There would also be a 2-cent per round tax on ammunition .22 caliber and below and a 5-cent tax on ammunition above .22 caliber, according to Q13 FOX.
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Vlad - this is clearly an attempt at prohibition thru taxation, prohibited by the Constitution (Remember the Boston Tea Party?). Of course, it is being touted by an extremist political party that some time ago decided the U.S. Constitution was worthless trash to be ignored.

Unfortunately, if it passes in Washington, it will likely immediately be passed in my rotten state of california (I no longer honor that name by capitalizing the name) and other socialist/communist inclined states.

Of course, california has never seen a tax they are not in love with, especially if they can rape the economic lower and middle classes with it, since they make up the bulk of the population which means more tax money for them to waste and put in their pockets. If Washington has a sales tax, they certainly will put this on top of it, which is then a tax on a tax, also illegal.


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If I remember correctly, wasn’t this tried before about 5, 10 years ago and it didn’t go very far?

Ammo taxes are on the anti-gun extremists’ wish list.
They are patient, persistent and work hard at convincing gullible people that their various schemes will “cut gun violence.” If the don;t get something passed in Congress this year, they will try next year at the state or local level. If it gets passed at the city level, the will demand the state “close the loophole” and then try again in Congress.
Ever gun or cartridge is “too big, too small, too dangerous, too easily concealed, too hard to trace” or something. None are ever “just right.”

Make no mistake, restrictions on ammunition types, manufacture, possession, purchase or sales are high on their list, realizing that without ammo, guns are pretty useless.

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