Ammoguide - anyone a fan of this website?


Considering signing up for it. Seem to use it all the time, but wonder if there is something better.





EOD - Link is on the IAA Home Page.

Jess - I belonged to Ammoguide years ago. I found it useful for a beginner or general cartridge collector but less and less useful as I became a more specialized collector. And, search engines like Google have become so much better in recent years that there is not much out there in cyberspace that you cannot access for free.

Not a put-down of Ammoguide. They simply did not meet my needs.




I use the site maybe once a month, but when I need it, it is very useful. It’s obviously most useful to those who do their own ammo loading, but I have found it useful when just looking up various oddball calibers to find cartridges that are compatible with certain diameter projectiles. I also find it helpful when wondering about the typical velocities of various grain weight projectiles for certain common calibers since it has dozens, if not hundreds of load listings for all the popular calibers, and shows detailed velocity & energy data. I’ve submitted several cartridges to the site, such as the .22TCM when that came out, and a handful of other oddballs.