Ammunition Advertising & Technical Images Available Online


Images from the online Digital Collections, McCracken Research Library, Buffalo Bill Center Of The West (Cody, Wyoming, USA),

By doing a general search of the Digital Collections using the search term “ammunition” results in a large selection of items (advertising, drawings etc.) from the Digital Collection, web address for this search:

This search results in the technical drawings discussed in another thread PLUS many images of advertising etc.



Don’t let the title of this thread fool mislead you, this is MUCH MORE than Ammunition Advertising!

This is a wonderful and varied bunch of drawings, including some Frankford Arsenal drawings, not just in-house WRA drawings. While the sample linked above is for a small caliber case, the files also include many different U.S. and foreign contract artillery shell cases (1 pounder to 6 inch); several wood packing crates for ammunition; M1906 cotton bandoleers.(with the folded tops, not the stitched tops with tape to open)

The McCracken Research Library at Cody is in the process of digitizing many of their holdings to make them more readily available to researchers. This is being funded in part by a generous contribution from noted firearms historian Mike Carrick, and also by a grant from the American Society of Arms Collectors.

The IAA website should include a link to this source.



Thanks for your input on this, as you state this is a real treasure trove of information and images.

I have emailed this information to Chris Punnett for inclusion in the IAA Journal.

I have also modified the title of this thread to be more inclusive of the material available from the Digital Museum.



I have received some emails from IAA Forum members indicating that they are unable to download a usable image from the Digital Museum image page via the download tab found on the image page. I too have not been able to download an image. If someone has been able to get the download function to work, please pass that along for the rest of us.

There are however image manipulation tools associated with each image you choose that allow you to enlarge the image on your computer screenj.


What a treasure trove! Thank you Brian.

I think that this is what we now call the .30 Blake, so to see the name ‘Headless powder case for .30 cal…’ is just fantastic.