Ammunition and Prohibition (The)


This photo from my own collection was taken in France by a well-to-do local gentleman in July 1924. U.S. alcohol gangsters used 2 main tools to bring stuff from Canada: cars to drive booze over the border and guns to confront each other and police. To bring heavy alcohol-laiden vehicles AND outrun police on the American side, they enlarged carburators and did some outstanding driving, both of which lead to the development of racing as a sport and establishement of NASCAR. Was there any innovation done by them in the field of ammunition during The Roaring 20’s?


I don’t know if the gangsters did any innovating, but Remington, Peters, and Winchester all created “metal piercing” cartridges in .38spl, & .45acp in the early to mid 1930’s in response to police demands for something they could carry in their service weapons which could penetrate the vehicles driven by gangsters and rum-runners. Later in the 50’s and 60’s Winchester made the same ammo in .357mag. Here’s a couple pages from a 1938 Winchester book, showing how their ammo penetrates a car: