Ammunition Art


A local artist decided to make some eagle sculptures using fired cartridge cases. He has done them in several sizes, as shown in the photo, which I estimate to be about 14 inches wide, 20 inches and 30 inches. Cases used are many different calibers, .50 BMG down to .22 rimfires, and he selects ones with some age patina and bright clean cases and some nickeled cases for the desired colors.

He took them to a gun show to get a feel for interest, and I don’t think he has firm prices established yet, but as I recall he mentioned something like $450 for a small one and $1,500 and $5,000 for larger ones with the largest one not for sale.

Anyway, after seeing some cute little toy type tings made from cartridges or “trench art” I though this was a much higher level of artistry and worth sharing here.

Will add photo when I figure out how. Would appreciate a clue on how to do this!


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John S.

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Thank you for you kind reply I will do what I can to send those pics


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