Ammunition Articles from World of Hobbies: Hunting & Weapons (Ukraine)

Abbreviated articles on ammunition from the magazine “World of hobbies: Hunting & Weapons” (Kiev, Ukraine)

If you are able, open either link listed below in Google Chrome and use the translator. (Andrey aka Pulkin Donets and Dmitry aka Treshkin Adeev, both of these authors are members of the IAA)


These are abbreviated versions of the articles that appear in the magazine but the important thing is these can be translated via an online translator.

The information presented by the authors is based upon what they know and is presented from their perspective.
For those of us using Google Translator or other online translator please keep in mind the possibilities of discrepancies in the translation.
If you should note that some information being presented in an article may be incorrect or needs clarification and you wish to discuss that here on the Forum then I strongly suggest that what you post is courteous and respectful of the authors and others and that any discussion remain related to the subject at hand.




We all make mistakes from time to time, but I can tell you with certainty that the two authoris in question know their ammunition very well. I have learned a huge lot about my favorite cartridge for study from the two of them. Aside from that, they are both really nice guys!