Ammunition as art

My new computer desktop background.



Yes. Yes it is.

And here’s something for your screensaver:


Oooh, mini-gun!


Yes. An amazing piece of machinery. Jams are a pain, tho.

What calibre is that gun? The spent cases look like 9mm Parabellum or .45 ACP.


Gravelbelly it should be a XM214 in 5.56x45.

Looks like a regular M-134 to me. The empty cases are most likely from another shooter, down the firing line from the minigun. I’m guessing this picture was taken at some sort of machingun shoot where lots of brass was flying around!


AKMS, compare the the size of the handles to the rest of the gun. The M134 is in 7.62x51.

This is an M134 7.62 X 51. The hulls are from other toys. Got some VHS video of me and others firing this monster. Some day I’m going to convert to a DVD. "til then, just still shots.

For your edification:

and some more “action” photos. I know these may get me thrown off the island, but before I was aware if the IAA, I did other things with bullets. Please forgive me.



and this one is for John S. Note the labeling on the bandoleer.
The end of a fun day!

Oops! Forgot one:


I like it!

No cause to expel you. Shooting and cartridge collecting go together like love and marriage. Can’t have one without the other.

I had a dark period in my past also. I belonged to an elite group of guys who owned and fired MGs of all types. Back in the days when you could own just about anything made. If we couldn’t buy one we’d make it.

Also belonged to a black powder cannon group of even crazier guys.

Unfortunately, all this was back in the days before digital cameras and so I have only a few old photos stored somewhere.

I REALLY like it!


AWESOME pictures Rick! That mini gun is amazing, I bet it shreds threw ammunition fast! Any pics of you shooting any of those MG’s :-)



That’s me “Ramboin’” the M60, and draped with the .50 cal., patiently awaiting my turn on the M2. Most of the pics I have, I took. So, not that many of me on the trigger.
This minigun was set to cycle @ 2800 rds/min. Could have been faster, but tended to rip the shells from the links, jamming the works. In a real bad way. Which required some serious disassembly to clear. Mr. Dillon has improved and perfected this part of the feed “system”, allowing for quicker and easier clearing of jams. Another odd detail was upwards of 80-100 live rounds were ejected when you let off the trigger, another Dillon “upgrade” eliminated that problem. So, the rule for us was, let er rip 'til you ran out. A thousand rounds didn’t last long at all. That’s why those 7.62 Garand clips were put to use.

I know I’m going to hell now, but all that empty brass was used to fill holes in the yard. I will gladly give anyone interested in digging them up the GPS coordinates. Guessin’ they might not be so pristine now, but I’m sure there’s some rare, one-of-a-kind headstamps buried there.

And that M60. It was NIB. I got to fire the first 100 rounds thru it. I was special. It was my yard/range, so I got to be special sometimes.

You have your own range in your backyard, Rick? Now that is SLICK! Not only that, you have some serious friends :-)


With the price of metals how it is at the minute it may be worth doing just for the scrap value.


Back then, mid and late '90s, early 00s, you’d waste more in gas hauling it to the scrap yard. Now, I’d guess you might break even.

I got