Ammunition As Fasteners

Here are a few pictures of Soviet 7.62x54r casings used to attach the handle to the ammo crate. The handle is attached only by the casings, one from the inside and one from the exterior, close proximity, perhaps pressed into each other? I have 4 out of 10 cases built this way. Enjoy!


Awesome crate!
Would you show us the headstamps on the other crates you have? Also the crates with the markings would be very intereting to see.

Do the hs of the other boxes correspond with the given lots on the crates too?
Are all crates from the Novosibirsk plant (188/LVE)?
Has somebody ever seen broken crates where the single cases were visible and could be examined?

That is awesome!

If the factory that was making the cartridges was also making the crates, it would make sense that reject cases from the production line could be used as fasteners.

EOD, The other crate markings are pictured here. Not all are opened but so far the fasteners match the contents.


They seem to be all from 188/LVE in Novosibirsk. Has anybody ever observed such practices from other Russian or other manufacturers?

Lucky you to have these.