Ammunition Bag M1

I saw today a display that had a heavy cloth bag, about the size and construction of those re-usable cloth bags people use in supermarkets, stamped with the legend “Ammunition Bag M1” It was sort of an off-white to gray color, and appeared to be made of duck or canvas, with a strap. No idea of age, maybe WWI or WWII. Due to the M1 designation, it would likely be U.S., but it had no other military markings that I could see.

What would this be intended for, by whom, and when? First guess would be for use by ammo porters to carry bandoliers of rifle ammunition or belted MG ammunition in combat, but it could be about any kind of ordnance, I guess - hand grenades, demolition explosives, artillery primers, whatever. If for such a purpose, I’d think a man could carry more than one of them at a time.

Not only US, but late 1930s WW II etc period, when the “M” (Model) system was introduced for Army/Aircorps use. The Navy Modified it with “Mark and Model” designations.

Used for carrying several Bandoleers or more likely Belted ammo for MGs
later in War the Ammo can served this purpose as well.

In WW I, the French “Musette” Bag served the Ammo/magazine carry bag purpose (Borrowed from the French CSRG ( “Chauchat”) gunners)

During WW II such items as gasmask bags, sandbags, and other “Haversacks” were all pressed into “Ammo bag” use. Even for Vietnam, an “Ammo bag” was designed (Strap and Belt Loop) to hold a number of M14 or M16 mags, or a belt or two of 7,62 Linked. ( Larger than the normal M56 Belt ammo pouches).

Doc AV
AV Ballistics.