Ammunition books published in Switzerland?

Good day,
Do you not know the Neake ammunition books published in Switzerland?

Is that a question or a statement?

English is not the native language of the poster, and the grammatical rule about the double negative is interpreted differently from English
In fact I speak several European languages where double negatives are commonly used to ask a question, which in English would not be correct.
So don’t make comments on a post from a non-Anglo speaking area, or would you prefer he asked it in his native Czech???

Politeness please.
Doc AV

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I sought clarity - nothing more, nothing less. I wasn’t rude and don’t believe that I was impolite. I work professionally with a number of non-English speaking people and would have posed the same question to them.

Otázka. Mluvím český, Sháním které knižní publikace o nabojich se vydali ve Švýcarsku, děkuji.

Otázka, děkuji

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Sorry I am not aware of “Neake” books. A quick search of Swiss library catalogs did not show anything.
To me, the word “Neake” looks as if it is neither French, nor English nor German. Is the spelling correct?