Ammunition Data Tables


I have just updated and extended my Ammunition Data Tables covering military ammunition from anti-tank rifle and HMG rounds up to 128mm calibre. See:

I would be most grateful to be notified of any errors or omissions which anyone finds.

I intended to extend the calibre range upwards in due course.


A few that are missing are the following:

Austro-Hungarian 7cm M99 Mountain gun. The case dimensions for this are:

Mouth Dia.: 74mm
Case length: 63mm
Rim diameter: 82mm

There is another odd case I have which measures 75 x 330R, rim 92mm. The only headstamp is “L.37.” In identical font to French cases from around 1900. There is a similar case with a 90mm rim listed in Robert Hawkinson’s list as “Possibly French for the Boers”. So I also believe this is what this case could be. I know nothing else about it, it was a car boot sale find.

There is also the 100 x 92R (111mm rim). This is similar the the British 3.7" Howitzer, but is marked “95MM SP & INF”. Mine is dated 1944.

Finally, you list the 76.2x405R 12 Pounder 12 CWT which is the fixed round. There is also the separately loading one which was 78 x 390R with a 104mm rim.

When you plan to go above 128mm, I can give you the dimensions for the Case for the British 6" Mark 5 Naval gun.

I hope this helps.


Thanks for that - by “mouth diameter 74mm” do you mean the internal or external diameter? It’s the first I’m interested in.


The “mouth diameter” given for all those cases is the internal diameter.


Another round that you could add is 13 x 81B (Rim 18mm). This is the rare .600/500 Experimental round for the British WW1 Godsal anti-tank rifle.


Thanks again! I’m making a little list for the next update…