Ammunition for Knight's revolver rifle

any photos, diagrams or other reliable info on special subcaliber .30/.44 ammo as used in Knight’s suppressed revolver rifle?


“Graphic of the .30 caliber “telescoped” ammunition contained within a .44 Magnum case. The sleeve around the cartridge is of unknown material (presumably aluminum), and the o-ring at the front of the sleeve is what creates the gas seal between the cylinder and barrel gap.
(image source: user DeltaElite777 at”


Didn’t find much about it

Their are similar ones, sold commercial as the INVICTA, (invented by Bob Olsen) it used a plastic part in front (like the shown one from Aluminium).
I think they where in 44/30cal and 357/25, maybe related or not…but using the same princip for closing the gap between the cylinder and the smaller barrel…
But his intention was, to get more power out, I think


From our sale 14
843 Headstamped ‘ WINCHESTER 38 SPL+P ‘, this Knights Armament, 7mm Silent round has a flat nickel primer, a drawn brass case and a fully telescoped GM-jacketed bullet held in a finely-turned light tan plastic or nylon case mouth insert.

And the 7mm from sale 3
1419 This 7mm Suppressed revolver was developed for clandestine use circa 1980’s. Headstamped ‘ R.P 44 REM MAG ‘, it shows a flat nickel primer and a brass case with three punch crimps holding a turned aluminum case extension showing a black plastic inner edge, and turned aluminum insides conforming to the diameter of the turned gilding metal bullet.
1419 1419x

Peter your correct about Bob’s INVICTA cartridges. His sabots slid forward to close the gap between the cylinder and the barrel.
In the upper photo of the .38’s, two of the nickel plated rounds on the right have been fired and the sabot forward movement can be seen.
In the lower .44 cal. photo, along with different plastic colors / types the various crimp placements can be seen.

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