Ammunition, Fuses, Primers, Military Pyrotechnics, etc


Ordnance Memoranda, No. 21
Ammunition, Fuses, Primers, Military Pyrotechnics, etc.

Prepared under the direction of
Brig. Gen. Stephen V. Benét
Chief of Ordnance, U.S. Army

Major James M. Whittemore, Commanding Frankford Arsenal,
Lieut. F. Heath, Ordnance Department.

Ordnance Printing Office



Some really great stuff there.

I thought the plates (starting about page 130) were especially interesting. Such as: small arms cartridge case draw set process; cardboard boxes for packing cartridges and sample labels, and wooden crates for cartridges. Also stuff on fuzes and friction primers, and Hale rockets. And, machines for breaking up different types of ammunition (rimfires- Gallghers, etc).


Great stuff. Thanks for posting!