Ammunition Identification

Hi all I have acquired a 20mm round would anyone be able to give me any info on it
Cheers Jason

This is a 20x110 Hispano by A.S.Campbell Co, Boston, Mass. USA.
HE or fuzed round for aircraft cannon. Paint has worn off?

Thanks for the info Ron
Do you know if these would have been used solely by the us airforce or would the RAF have used them as well
Cheers Jason

I think that USA ammunition would have been used by Commonwealth Forces too
depending on available supplies. I find lots of USA 20mm in Australia plus UK and MF Australian made cases. I feel that the RAF would prefer to use only British made ammunition if they had a choice. My view only. Comments are welcome.

Ron thanks once again for the information

Be aware that this could possibly be a live high explosive or incendiary projectile.

Hi thanks for the warning it does all come to pieces and the cartridge case and the shell are completely empty