Ammunition in California

In the news this morning:

Californians who want to buy ammunition would have to submit personal information and a $50 fee for a background check by the state, under a bill passed by the Senate. The state Department of Justice would determine whether buyers have a criminal record, severe mental illness or a restraining order that would disqualify them from owning guns.

Ammo shops would check the name on buyers’ driver’s licenses against a state list of qualified purchasers.

The goal of the bill is “to ensure that criminals and other dangerous individuals cannot purchase ammunition in the state of California,” said Sen. Kevin De Leon (D-Los Angeles), author of SB 53.

Time to move to AZ

When you say “passed by the senate” do you mean submitted to committee, passed in committee, or passed by the whole senate, and does it have to go back through the house before going to the governor’s desk if changes were made? This basically sounds like they want to do what Illinois does in terms of gun sales with the “FOID” card, but on ammo purchases. I wonder if buying from out of state matters, and is the onus of legal responsibility on the buyer or seller in that case? Also, is the $50 fee a one-time fee to get the card or whatever, and then just renewed each year or every 5 years for free, or another fee?

I don’t have much faith in their level of internet or out-of-retail shop enforcement anyway since I regularly see sellers from within California selling “armor piercing” pistol cartridges, usually in the form of German wartime stuff or Czech ammo from the 50’s, and these are never detected or stopped even though they are very easy to check for and track. That is actually a felony in CA. So one has to assume that many non-retail Gunbroker sellers will probably continue unfettered with sales to & from CA regardless of any law like this.

This horrible bill was passed by the full California Senate, and sent to the House (called the Assembly in their state) where it needs to be acted on. If passed, it then goes to Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown, who has proven himself to never be a friend to gun owners.

As for the details, just assume the worst, and you will probably be correct. I think the $50 is a per transaction fee, not a FOID type deal.
The restriction probably applies to sellers as well as buyers, as with an earlier law, but how they would enforce it against someone in another state is problematic, but the potential legal costs and ramifications make it something that most people will not try to challenge. Don’t try to find a logical reason for their laws, there are none, any more than with how they spend the money they don’t have on projects that make no sense. (Observations necessary to understand their irrational views on ammunition issues.)

My advice to the residents of Mexico’s northern colony is to flee to freedom while you still can. Take the loss on your homes now, as things will only get worse, and your ability to legally own ammo or guns is eroded more every year.

The warning to everyone living elsewhere should be clear. You NEED to become politically active, and to vigorously support pro-gun (and ammunition) groups.

Come on down to Texas

Vlad - No, No, No, NO! We already have enough CA refugees. ;-) ;-)


It appears that no CA Senators ever asked older kids to buy booze for them when they were 17. If they had they would realise the law can be by-passed by criminals in the blinking of an eye

I can only imagine the ammunition-buying panic in California today. I have to wonder what the price of .22 LR is now? There has to be a huge black market in ammunition developing there, if it has not already developed. But the people of California voted those cretins into office, so they have only themselves to blame.

On one of my bimonthly visits to Academy Sports last night, the only handgun ammo in stock in any quantity was .40 S&W. There were exactly four boxes each of .357 and .38 Special, no 9mm or .45 ACP, and of course, no .22 at all. In fact I saw no rimfire in any caliber. And even the typical common rifle caliber ammunition (.30-'06, .270, .243, etc.) inventory seemed pretty thin compared to six months ago. Just a handful of boxes each. No .223 or 7.62X39. Strangely there were 20 or so boxes of .300 Win Magnum. No shortage of shotshells was evident.
For what it’s worth.

i wonder if you have a C&Rffl if you have to do the background check on ammo?

From what I understand the latest CA bill pending is that if you have been or are convicted of a DUI, you loose your guns for TEN (10) years. Can’t be in the house or perhaps it’s just own a gun, peroid. Now, if say your son, daughter or wife has a DUI conviction & they live in the same home, you still loose you guns for T E N years.

So driving drunk = ???

I could perhaps understand it if you drove a gun.

No idea if ammunition or reloading tools are included in this latest bit of Orwellian thinking.

I read some internet story yesterday that California has also banned any bullets containing lead for ALL hunting (don’t know about target shooting as that was not mentioned). Far beyond the previous restrictions in place for the California Condor areas. I didn’t check for validity. It seems obvious as to what the intent is.