Ammunition in the News

Thought this might be of interest… … .html?_r=0

I’m sure the actual headstamps of this ammunition are recorded by the arms tracking organization. Decade of manufacture and country of origin are all we get from NYT here.

Edited to add: I believe this may be the report the above article is based upon: … nition.pdf



Thanks a lot for posting.

No surprises there! when Russia invaded Afghanistan the British Government supplied the rebels with tons of old .303 ammo.
Fast forward twenty years and that same ammo was then being used against our own boys on the ground. Its also being sold back to us through surplus dealers for cash by bent local officials.

Afghanistan’s only export is heroin and in the tribal areas thousands of acres of poppies are guarded by men with .303 rifles we gave them. Their heroin kills our kids and we subsidised it. Turning a blind eye because we want Afghanistan to be “stable”