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Just scrolling thru my many “Favourites” and came onto MKEK (Turkish Ordnance Corporation) website and had a look at “Tenders” (Usually they were for selling off Milsurp rifles and ammo)

First one was “Tender for 9mm primed cases and Bullets” (9x19Para).

On scrolling thru the documents, found (a) the Tender is for 25 Million Rounds of primed, headstamped Boxer cases, and similar number of projectiles (b) the Tender Regulations include all the Quality Assessment standards, and also complete Diagrams (Specs) of all Cartridge case, Primer and Bullet, even with details of Vickers hardness of case and jacket brass.

A Host of information on Modern 9mm Parabellum construction, including Headstamp layout ( MKE 00 9P )–00 is date stamp); the Guns to be used for testing include Beretta 92, Walther P1, Beretta 12S SMG, and MKE made MP5 series.

For further viewing, go to and then click “Tenders” and proceed from there to the documents.

Obviously, the MKEK also “shops around” for components from time to time, even though it has internal manufacturing capacity to make 9mm from scratch…I wonder if this Tender is for a “domestic” order or for an
"Offshore" order…note that Boxer Primer is specified (Turkey usually uses Berdan for its own use.)

Doc AV
AV Ballistics


The “Allies” are going to need a bunch more 9mms for the North Africa campaign.

Just have to bring those folks into the consumer age, no matter how much bood and treasure it takes, so much market potential and the Chinese are a jump ahead of us in Africa.




Doc, Thanks, very interesting!!! Turkey bought 9x19mm from MFS in Hungary in 2005. At least some of these cases and bullets were loaded by MFS.

I was glad to see this Tender. It is interesting that they still use US Mil Stds, etc though we have “officially” quit using them in the DOD.

Very interesting was the requirement for bid samples. This is why I believe that we generally see less than 25% of the headstamps produced in 9x19. I would guess three or four or more companies will submit bid samples, and the style of their headstamps will all differ slightly, and we will only see one of these and then only if we are lucky. I have a very few bid sample loads in my collection. They may have a lot number of 000 or some such depending on the contract. Sometime these bid samples show up and that is what keeps collecting interesting.



[quote] Submission of samples;
The Bidders shall send as per 500 ea. from both of goods FREE OF CHARGE samples with their bids on the delivery basis of DDP-Ankara-Türkiye to the address of MKE Procurement Department or within at least 20 days from the date of Bid Deadline if the Contracting Entity appropriate.
If the Bidder has a representative in Türkiye, the samples shall be delivered to the Procurement Department of MKE after finishing the custom formalities by the representatives.
In case, the samples are not delivered in time indicated in paragraph (a) and it is requested for extension of the period for submission of samples, Contracting Entity is free to extend the period, provided that the Bidder shall send a document proving the shipment of samples.
The samples will be delivered completely in conformity with the related Contracting Entity’s Technical Specification. Different sample from our technical specification, which is in serial production range, will not be taken into consideration and evaluated.[/quote]