Ammunition of Nov.11, 1918

This is what Wiki has to say about ammo on that day:

The news was quickly given to the armies during the morning of 11 November, but even after hearing that the armistice was due to start at 11:00 am, intense warfare continued right until the last minute. Many artillery units continued to fire on German targets to avoid having to haul away their spare ammunition.

Vlad - As far as I am concerned, the events of Nobember 11th, 1918 were shameful. Commanders continued to give orders to “Fire” to artillery units until the last minute before the Armistice took official hold. In my opinion, it was nothing more than ego and the desire to make a “special moment” when the guns would go silent, for historical purposes.

Even the the time and date of the Armistice, the 11th hour of the 11th Day were known at least a few days in advance, but again, because the “sounds good” for history, brave men on both sides, some who had suffered years on the battlefield, died just to set a “historical moment.” Higher authorities should have been arrested, court-martialed or if not military personnel,tried, and executed for allowing men with no interest in their twisted, perverted sense of history to die just to create a dramatic moment. The second that the two sides agreed on the cease fire, all firing should have been stopped.

It was not one of the better moments in military history, but rather a shameful chapter in the history of warfare. Others may have other opinions, and they are entitled to them, but that is my opinion.