Ammunition on clips; medium caliber 12.7mm and up - just images

Given that there are some great images of medium caliber cartridges on clips I thought bringing them together might be of interest.
While small calibers are documented fairly well (and if one feels like he can do that in a separate thread) the larger calibers are often underrepresented.
This here shall be to show all what is around. Discussions can be run in separate threads if needed.
Please do not mix in anything smaller than 12.7mm.
Please do not post images form your collection or garden or staged ones, only images “in the wild” (historical, publications, service or disposal, museums and related).

Here we go:

Soviet 14.5x148 AT rifle clip in 1938

Italian 20x138B Scotti clips.

Italian 20x138B Scotti clips.

US 23x139 cal. .90 in 1941.

Soviet 23x152B PTB-23 (aircraft gun) six round clip
23x152_PTB-23_6rd clip_experimental_Russia

Soviet 23x152B PTB-23 (aircraft gun) six round clip
23x152_PTB-23_9rd clip_experimental_Russia

Soviet 25mm Degtyarev in 1932

Soviet 14.5x114 Simonin MG clip

US 30x113B on a M230 system feeding clip (not going into the gun)

What ever this Chinese cage is. 30x165 for a naval (CIWS?) gun mount.
30x165_for naval CIWS_China--

British 30x170 RARDEN on the typical three round clip - for an automatic gun…

Dutch 30x173 clip for their naval CIWS system basing on the GAU-8. Maybe it can be clarified if it is only for loading the system or for actual feeding.

35x338 on clips for the Oerlikon system. Have no positive ID on the nationality here.

German 35x228 clip for the MANTIS AA system.

More to come.

Image source: internet

Here some 40x311R Bofors 40/L60.




Finland (with what appears to be ammunition made in Austria by Enzessfeld for Hungary)

USA inside an AC-130 variant.

USA inside an AC-130 variant.
40x311R_in AC-130_USA-

USA inside an AC-130 variant.



My interests really only stretch as far as the 0,55" Boys, but it’s inevitable that other, larger things catch the eye. Here’s a couple of illustrations from a 13,2mm Hotchkiss sales brochure;

Whilst here’s something I presume qualifies, it looks bigger than rifle-calibre, but I only have it filed under “Unknown” … does anyone have any idea what it might be ?


Peter, this is more of a belt. Wasn’t that 7.92x57. From Hungary?

So much hotness in 40 mm bofors clips

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What??? Just in them?

Peter, found it!
A German doc says it is a Czech aircraft MG.
First time I see an image of this belt! Just great!

Soviet 45mm SM-20
unnamed (2)

Czech 57mm PLK

82mm clip for the 2B9 Vasilek automatic mortar

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Well known picture of the 5cm Flak 41

Vince, you are spoiling all the images I have in my folder here. :grin:

Here more Chinese 82mm (copy of Soviet/Russian 2B9 automatic mortar). Those on the ground seem to have VT fuzes.

82mm_2B9 copy_China (3)

Here one more Soviet 45x386SR with the SM-20-ZIF

Image source: internet.

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Here Chinese 57x348SR for their copy of the Soviet S-60 AA gun.

And here Italian 40x365R Bofors 40/L70.
40x365R_L70 (1)
40x365R_L70 (2)

And here also 40x365R Bofors 40/L70 somewhere in Asia maybe.
40x365R_L70 (3)

And last but not least here German 37x264B for the 3.7cm BK what actually is a Flak 18 on a Ju87 (dive bomber/ground attack aircraft).

Here the German 37x264B Flak 18.

Image source: internet.

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57mm L/70 clips for the BAE Mk 110 gun

Vince, it should be L70 if my memory does not betray me.
The original clip design is by Bofors, as is the cartridge.

Oops, typo. Of course it’s L/70.

Here German 37x250R C/36 for the C/36 and M42 submarine AA guns.
This is a modified 37x250R Pak (AT) case with thicker rim and it is using 37x246B Flak (AA) projectiles.
This round is not to be confused with anything else nor is it interchangable in any way.

The only image of a clip I know of is from a manual excerpt.

Cannone-mitragliera Breda 37/54

37mm M1939 (61-K)

57mm S-60

25mm M1940 (72-K)


25mm Bofors m/32

USN 1.1"/75 AA clips

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The “Italian” 40mm is actually Irish.

Soviet 37x195B BMZ-37 AA gun (basing on the BMA-37 what seems to be aircraft based).

37x195B_BMZ-37 basing on BMA-37_Russia (4)


Not to forget the obvious 14.5 PTRS-41Ptrs003

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