Ammunition on clips; medium caliber 12.7mm and up - just images

Vince, not forgotten at all but I had no historic “in the wild” image of one and did not want to post stuff photographed last year or so on someone’s kitchentable.

Here Swedish 25x205R L/64 (to what I can make out as there is also a 25x187R).


And here a Soviet 37x252R M1939 AA gun (Bofors design) with HE-T-SD rounds.

Image source: internet.

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Wonderful pictorial information. Good Stuff!!

Here some more 40x311R.

German Flak 28 as they designated the Bofors 40/L60.

US Navy at sea.

Aboard a US ship.

Aboard a US AC-130 variant.

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Image result for 55 boyz shells in a clip
Image result for 55 boyz shells in a clip

55 Boyz
Source: internet

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As stated above please no self made stuff. Only “in the wild” or “official”.

Ah, okay.

Here US 30x113B loading clips for the M230 of the AH-64.

Dummy rounds.

TP ready to go.

TP being loaded.

TP being loaded by British servicemen.




Here Italian 20x138B in a Breda gun in German service.

German 37x264B Flak 43 in standard eight round clips (not to be confused with Flak 18 clips).

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Here’s the paradox of the Boys clip, the cartridges had to be removed from it and individually loaded by hand into the magazine. The page is from the Gale & Polden instruction manual;


And noone got shot for wasting resources in wartime?

The clip was a packaging thing, to keep cartridges in place when bandoliered. The design of “Stanchion”, the original name for the Boys, goes back to 1935 so by the time war came along the design was mature … if not already outdated, so they were stuck with it.


Peter, I still wonder as the war has brought many simplifications and measures to save raw materials.
One would think cardboard would have done for packing too. But anyhow, it is all history…

Here more German 50x344B Flak 41. Only 55 guns were built!
50x344B_Flak41_Germany- 50x344B_Flak41_Germany--

Image source: internet.

I know this is off topic but what is this?

image image

  1. yes
  2. a range finder

Even more important than with any AA gun already as the Flak 41 used time fuzes which were set in the feeding tray mechanizm of the gun.

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Here a real specialty!

US 37x137R (1pdr US Navy I understand) McClean automatic gun of WW1.
To what I understand never used in the US but exported to Russia where it later found it’s way to Finland (well it had not to move the location for that back then) and later also was sent to Spain for the civil war in the 1930s. The image here is claimed to have been taken in Spain in 1936.

Image source: internet.

Here a two round clip of 57x438R Bofors L/70.
Image is form a US doc (actually I have only one page) on the MK110 gun.



Here a German 50mm clip for the automatic mortar M19 for fortified positions (bunkers).


Here Chinese 35x228 on clips for the Oerlikon gun.
Notice the cases having the locator grooves for links!

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A lot of “ready use” 40mm ammunition;



Here British 30x170 Rarden on a 3-round clip. Cartridges are inert HE instructional rounds.


Image source: internet