Ammunition or Gun Manufacturers in Phoenix Arizona?

Hi all, I am looking for any ammo and/or gun manufacturers in the Phoenix Arizona area. I know Northrop Grumman purchased Orbital ATK in Mesa (they make chain guns there for the Apache helicopter, Bradley Fighting Vehicle, etc.). I prefer to know about military contractors, but commercial would be interesting as well.

The reason I am looking is to change jobs and relocate. We love Arizona, so I just need to find the right fit. I am a mechanical & metallurgical engineer, so I’m looking for a development job.

Any leads would be greatly appreciated!

Larry, in Mesa you can also find Nammo Talley and Nammo Tactical Ammunition.

Here is a map of commercial manufacturers near Phoenix:,-112.2100052,11z/data=!3m1!4b1?hl=es

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Fede, thank you very much!

Ammo Inc. is in Payson, AZ - they bought out HPR and are an up & coming brand with their “Streak” cold tracers.

Atomic Ammunition is in Phoenix

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Thanks Matt, I will check them out.

I think Dillon (reloading press makers, etc) and MacMillan- stocks and guns, are also in the Phoenix area. Ask them if anyone has been trying to hire away some of their people.

NAM makes fun stuff.