Ammunition patches

Found these online and thought I’d post the pics.


What’s the meaning of the 2nd one?

I have no idea! Totally hoping someone here can make sense of it.


I think that surveillance patch is a modern repro of a WWII stateside patch that related to ammunition quality control and inspection. The original patch looked like this:

And the task seems to be described here under part 6-26 as it related to the SAAS:

Thank you very much, DK!


I don’t think the indicated patch is too closely tied to the SAAS, exactly.
In theaters of operations where it is necessary for civilians to be identified by a “US-looking uniform” according to theater regulations, host nation rules, status of forces agreements (SOFA) etc. the civilian uniform included the dark triangle with “US” lettering. In these theaters, ammunition quality control, for the Army (primarily, but perhaps not exclusively), primarily the inspection of ammunition, is handled by a group of civilians known as “QASAS” or Quality Assurance Specialists–Ammunition Surveillance. Thus if you had a civilian QASAS, in a “uniformed” theater, he would wear a patch similar to the one shown. I know that was the case in IRAQ during the CEA/CMC program; however, the patches worn there were “black on coyote” to match the “desert Battle Dress Uniform.”

Hope this helps.

Here is an ammunition patch so up my alley I had to buy it :-)