Ammunition photos

I have recently rearranged and uploaded my collection photographs to a new site called ‘The Box’. For whatever reason my previous hosting site had become corrupted beyond use.
You should now be able to access my 4000+ photographs using this link;

If you can’t get the link to work click the ‘www’ button under my name details.

You may find that you will have to go into ‘page view options’ and select ‘name order’ as the site seems to default to numerical order.

Extremely well done. I cannot imagine the time and effort put into this.
Thank you very much for sharing and showing your dedication.

I looked through your Norwegian 7,62 x 51 mm NATO cartridges, and I thought I should point out that you have the NM9 and NM126 Bakelittfabrikken cartridges switched around. The long one is the NM9, the short one the NM126. The yellow blank cartridge named NM52 I think has been mistaken for another type, as the NM52 cartridge is a “petal” crimped brass case sealed with wax. As far as I know it was intended for use with muzzle-launched grenades for the AG-3, which never were adopted. The AG-3 still has the grenade retainer ring on the barrel, however.

Please do not take it as criticism, it is only intended to be helpful. Hope the information can be of some use to you.

Best regards from Norway,

Ole…no criticism taken at all! That is just exactly the sort of helpful comment I was hoping for. Thank you very much for your observations.

Hi Jim

Very well done, lot of great job, many thanks to share it.

I look at some French cartridge,and in the 9x19 the France n°3 is not French for me.


It is Chinese.

Hi Jim

Very nice job you have done here. Thank you very much for sharing it with us.

Great work, Jim,

Very nicely done and photographed, thank you!

I am looking for a way to catalogue my collection on line, too - this has certainly given me food for thought.



Well done indeed, Jim!

That’s why I love the IAA. Very well done indeed!